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Social care affects us all but unlike the NHS, when we are in need, most of us will have to pay for our care or go without.

The UK needs a National Social Care Service, funded by general taxation to complement the NHS

The time is now!

If coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that part of the vital infrastructure upon which we all rely is the social care sector and the unpaid work of care and caring that is vital to our wellbeing as a nation. The pandemic has highlighted the inadequacies of the current social care system, the lack of coordination with the NHS, and the failure of the profit motive to deliver high quality, equitable, and sustainable provision.

Build back better

The coronavirus pandemic is the most serious crisis the country has faced since the second world war. Perhaps the most valuable legacy would be a series of measures to address poverty and health inequalities, including the establishment of a National Social Care Service funded by general taxation that parallels the establishment of the NHS in 1948.

As an infrastructure project, not only would a National Social Care Service provide a huge resource for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society, but would have the potential to create jobs, improve skills and support local economic growth in communities most severely hit by the pandemic.

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