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We have established the Campaign for Justice in Social Care as a non-charitable unincorporated association, and our constitution can be downloaded here.

Privacy policy

Any information that we collect will be kept to a minimum and only used to send you details of how to join our discussion forum and let you know about future activities and the progress of the campaign. We will not use your email address for any other purpose or pass it on to others. Our full policy can be downloaded here.

Useful links

We will add links to relevant websites or other materials below, but please also see further details of government and other reports, summary of relevant media reports, relevant journals, organisations and other resources, as well as our facebook page to keep up-to-date with our activities

Kings Fund report "What’s your problem, social care? The eight key areas for reform"

Kings Fund report "How Covid-19 has magnified some of social care’s key problems"

Current arrangements for self-funding of social care

In the media

Guardian articles

Dilnot says uncapped care costs leave families at risk of losing assets.

Social care crisis: fix a broken system

Bigger picture of social care reform needed

MPs from Health and Social Care Select Committee say

Report from University of Birmingham

BBC News

Learning disability death rates ‘6 times higher’

Covid: Adults with learning disabilities miss out